I found you ♥

Everything is clear now..

March, 20th 2012...you said that...
"I want to have a serious relationship with you..."
that was the statement you choose...not a kind of young people usually choose like "I want you to be my girl bla bla bla.." but that statement..yes, that statement...and you know what? i love that so much.. :oops:

I might just too happy or what, that i still couldn't be sure to what happened. that night, before i went to sleep, i sent you a message :
"mas, I trust you... please take a good care of me, my heart, and my trust ya.. :-)"
and you replied :
"iya dee... I hope you do so... nice dream my dear..."
so yes, now i do sure for what happened :-)

Dear God, I'm still not sure about his heart, I don't know whether his heart is really mine or not.. I don't even know whether he successfully forgot about his ex girlfriend or still could not yet... no, I'm not doubting him... I'm sure that he tries his best to love me, to take care of me, and to always make me happy... he decided to go with me, and i decided too... so, we're gonna try our best :-) I do hope and want him to be mine for the whole he is... I love him for what he is and I want him to love me for what I am too...

My God, if You really created him as a complement of me and my life, please make everything easy for us... strengthen our love to face everything in front...but if he is not, please separate us finely and don't ever make anyone of us hurt...amienn..

sincerely yours,


a girl, a boy, and another boy….

hey there..listen to me, i'm gonna tell u a story...
mmmm...not a story actually, it's a case and i want u to give an opinion of this case..if u don't mind of course :-)

there's a girl, a very common girl who fall in love with a boy...a boy who is used to be her bestfriend..
the girl always tries to be closer, closer and closer to the boy, but still, she keeps try to be natural, never force her feeling to him... she never avoid her true feeling, but she always tries to still be ok even if the boy just need her to be her best friend...

in other hand, there's another boy who looks forward to the girl...this boy, just like the girl is doing, always tries to be closer, closer, and closer to her... this boy gives everything he has to the girl, he takes a really really good care of her... he ever said that he loves the girl, want to take care of the girl forever, and give every happiness that is ever appear in this world to this girl... even he's been rejected by the girl, bu he never given up of his heart... he keeps struggling for his feeling...

life is a mystery...in a shortest story, the girl is getting closer with the boy, but the second boy keeps trying to catch the girl's heart...

day by day, the girl is getting closer with the boy... they ever passed a night together, hugging each other... but what's the fact?? the fact is, their relationship is still unclear... for the girl, since the boy still never say that he loves the girl, etc etc, she still unsure what kind of relationship they actually have??

sometimes, the girl think, "is he really the one?" "does he really love me?" "am i really stupid that i still waiting for a boy who never give me a clear status and keep avoiding a boy who really love me?", "should i forget him and just go with the second boy?"